Why I Never Quit Martial Arts

Photo credit: Negar Tayyar

Photo credit: Negar Tayyar

Prose by Sam Yang 

I don't much care about belts, nor am I defined by them.

I've never won any world titles.

I work for a living, but I make time.

This art has caused me countless injuries,

Built many relationships,

Lost many relationships,

Sacrificed other pursuits,

Put aside financial ambitions for simpler ones.

It takes me a few days to get over one really hard day of training.

I have to admit to myself that I'm not special.

I constantly get beaten up by people who started after me but have already surpassed my ability.

It's made me upset, sad, happy, sore, upset, happy, tired, frustrated, and curious.

I keep training

And I don't know why.


Ultimately I have this sense that somehow training makes me a better person.

You won't see me win any world titles, but I will say

I know myself just a little bit better each time I train.

I know myself more than I did the day before.

My reason for training isn't to be a champion, and that's okay

Because somehow martial arts is the best expression of who I am as an individual.

It is for me an expression of life.

I don't do it for pleasure.

I do it for a better reason.

I do it because it's important.

I do it because it's hard.

My greatest obstacle was never any opponent,

It was myself.

My greatest achievement wasn't a title or a belt,

It was never stopping.

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