Judo turns the tide on bullying

Photo credit:   Airbear Photography

Photo credit: Airbear Photography


Judo has been the most valuable experience in my life so far. When I go back to my first day of Judo I remember not wanting to go, If it was not for my Dad finding a Judo school and making me try it, I would not have found my Happy Place. 

The first time I stepped onto the mat, I felt very nervous. I thought I would not fit in, but I did. I felt very comfortable. Judo was like my best friend at that time I was being bullied at school. Judo gave me confidence to overcome all of those feelings. I now use my experience to help others who may feel the same way I did when I was bullied. 

Judo makes me feel good even when I am sad. That's what I love about it! Judo is like a family. The brotherhood and sisterhood I found with my fellow classmates is irreplaceable. The unconditional support the coaches give is the best feeling ever. I traveled with my family and team to national competitions like the US Open and the National Championship  to acquire points. When you place first through third you acquire points. I placed first at both tournaments so I was ranked one in the country. So I received the honour of being invited to go to the Pan Am International Tournament in Mexico with other kids from all of over the world.

Although I did not come in first, it was the best experience of my life. Judo has given me strength to follow the right path. Judo has given me discipline and love and I will take it with me my whole journey!