Our partner, the Bhutan Judo Association (BJA) has currently 142 members including 48 primary school students (36 boys/12 girls), 32 junior school students (22 boys/10 girls), 25 high school students (17 boys/8 girls). The Judokas come from 16 schools all over Thimphu. Since the BJA is the only judo club in Bhutan, it also has 44 adult members (42 male/2 female).

Watch Tandin Wangchuk, Ngawang Namgyel, Purna Gurung and Nima Wangchuk performing Judo gymnastics. Check out more matches here.

17 years old Purna's tokui waza (favorite Judo technique) is Seoi-nage

'I like Judo because it helps me to defend myself and it makes me healthy, strong and active.'

19 years old Nima's tokui waza is Ouchi-gari      

'I like Judo because it is an interesting game and it also helps us to keep our body physically and mentally strong.'

17 years old Ngawang's tokui waza is Ouchi-gari.

'I like Judo because it is an interesting art and it also helps us in defending and also it keeps us healthy and fit.'

18 years old Tandin's tokui waza is Uchi-mata.

'The reason why I love Judo is that we can maintain our physical strength and also prevent from civil problems.'

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