'One must understand that judo is the way by which one can make the best use of one's mental and physical energy, and put that into use for the good of society.'

Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo

Most Bhutanese had never heard of Judo until 2011, when the Pelkhil School opened the first judo club in Thimphu. In a few years Judo became so popular among Bhutan's youth that the Pelkhil School Judo club transformed into the Bhutan Judo Association.

Sensei Yoshihiro Horiuchi (4th Dan) assisted by Sempai Pema Dargay (1st Dan) currently train 70 young Judokas from 16 schools all over Thimphu. They work hard to match their students' enthusiasm by providing the best possible Judo training. Despite their passion for Judo, the students struggle with their inability to afford Judo gis (uniforms) and club fees. The teachers on the other hand are hamstrung by a lack of proper training facilities including a dedicated dojo with quality mats.

To assist the Bhutanese Judoka to overcome these challenges we founded Judo Journeys. Meet the Bhutanese Judokas here.

Our Vision

To spread the art of Judo in Bhutan with the aim of promoting physical health, psychological resilience and spiritual wellbeing.



Our mission

  • Build an excellent Judo training facility in Bhutan with high quality equipment and mats.
  • Offer Judo gis, good nutrition and club fees for every Bhutanese Judoka in need.
  • Support Judo workshops in Bhutan with international teachers.
  • Foster collaboration and exchanges between the Bhutanese Judo Association and other international Judo clubs.

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All photography provided by Karma L. Dorji / Yoshihiro Horiuchi / Sabrina Filzmoser

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